Time working together

2 Years.
About Armstrong

Armstrong is a Brand Tech agency whose mission is to reconcile branding & acquisition. Since 2008, they deploy services & in-house technologies that help brands build winning strategies throughout the purchase funnel.

How it feels to work with them

A highly creative team with SEO magical powers, always willing to give the very best in their two areas of expertise: marketing and digital engineering.

Biggest challenge

Localizing SEO content in several languages in less than 2 hours.


Florian Rigaut and Damien Cubayines,
E-Marketing consultants.
What’s it like to work with us?

Working with .txt is a real pleasure and gives us a lot of peace of mind thanks to their surprising availability, proactivity and flexibility, no matter what we ask of them!

Is there anything we do particularly well?

As an independent web advertising agency, we are constantly running around the clock to meet deadlines, and .txt has been doing an awesome job in helping us to do so. Not only is .txt super responsive, but they also perfectly adapted to our needs when it comes to deliver a translation with really specific direction and format. Great job guys!

Have we contributed to the success of a project or made your life easier?

.txt’s working methods allow us to save time when it comes to both our processes and project management in general.