Time working together

9 years, monthly.
About La Boutonnière

The first co-creation platform for fashion and lifestyle. La Boutonnière reinvents the rules governing the relationship between brands and their customers by proposing a new space for peaceful dialogue, conducive to collective creation.
Encouraging everyone to go beyond the usual codes of ready-to-wear consumption and to directly participate in the creation of the best brands’ upcoming collections, in collaboration with some of the most prominent designers, La Boutonnière has definitively positioned itself as a wonderful alternative to mass shopping.

How it feels to work with them

La Boutonnière is a fascinating project that mixes fashion with social engagement. We were lucky enough to be at the presentation of the start-up and fall in love with the project. Helping them to open up to a new market through the translation of their content was such a joy.

Biggest challenge

Transcreating highly creative copy and being able to communicate all the enthusiasm behind it.


Coralie Loum,
What’s it like to work with us?

.txt is very professional and responsive. We asked them to translate our website twice. The process they implemented to manage our project was very effective: evaluation of our needs (what to translate, language, context), determination of the most suitable tone of voice, completion of the translation in a very short period of time, ad a review of corrections in order to fine tune the translation.

Is there anything we do particularly well?

Without a doubt, .txt’s strong points are their proactivity in getting the project done, along with their precise, high-quality work. We wouldn’t think twice about recommending them to other companies that need translations in different formats and languages.

Have we contributed to the success of a project or made your life easier?

We wanted to open ourselves up to the international market and reach more customers through our website. We didn’t have the resources on the Internet to do so, and .txt has allowed us to achieve this goal.