Time working together

6 years, monthly.
About Liberty Seguros

Liberty Seguros is an insurance group belonging to Liberty Mutual, one of the five largest insurance groups in the United States, which has been operating in Spain since 2001 with a multichannel model without branches and with three commercial brands: Génesis, Regal and Liberty Seguros. Today the company is the 8th largest Insurance Group in car insurance and the 10th in home insurance. 1,500 employees are part of Liberty Seguros’ rapid growth in Spain.

How it feels to work with them

We have always felt at home while working with the Génesis, Regal and Liberty Seguros team. They have always had the ability to communicate their needs to us, which are sometimes quite technical, in a simple way. We loved to share together the enthusiasm for the new Erizo, the mascot of the company, and for great spots like The best Christmas Present with Genesis. This is one of our beloved clients, who we like to spoil a lot!

Biggest challenge

Giving a voice to the brand through the company’s blog and creating appealing monthly stories illustrating the company’s goals for the readers for 6 years.


Teresa Domenech Vargas,
Marketing - Medios ON & Canales.
What’s it like to work with us?

Working with .txt helps to improve our processes as they make our work easier and are always available to help us, whatever our needs are. They use simple and practical management tools to communicate that improve our day-to-day experience when it comes to building a work process in a more agile way.

Is there something we do particularly well?

The number of proposals and the short waiting time, along with how they organise the work. In addition, they are always willing to help us with whatever we need, and that is something important to really keep in mind.

Have we contributed to the success of a project or made your life easier?

Clearly, the fact that they have so many available topics to post on our blog or in different channels and areas of the company makes it so that our selection is always appropriate in terms of the topics we want to discuss. There is always something interesting and relevant to post, which makes our task in posting different content interesting for the user, and this, in turn, makes our lives easier.