Time working together

5 Years.
About meetIN

meetIN is a multichannel communication and exchange platform for the management of business trips, meetings and incentives, a point of contact between clients and suppliers in the sector. meetIN is a leader in Spain for communications in the meetings industry, thanks to their meetIN magazine, the www.meet-in.es portal and their training division. A source of information, discussion and networking that is used to add a new dimension to business trip management.

How it feels to work with them

We particularly enjoy working with the meetIN team because we participate every year in the annual printed edition of their magazine about viajes de incentivos. The travel industry is one of our main areas of expertise, and it feels refreshing to create something that will be printed on real paper! The Meet In team is a highly organized client that puts editorial quality above everything, with a strong expertise on incentivos, events and business travel.

Biggest challenge

Translating material on extremely tight deadlines for the print edition.


Fernando Sagaseta,
What’s it like to work with us?

A friendly and personalised service. There are real professionals behind the screen. Rigorous with their work and well organised. They always meet deadlines, which gives us a lot of peace of mind when working with the media’s strict delivery times.

Is there something we do particularly well?

They do a great job organising the work. Through the online tool, we can monitor the status of each text.

Have we contributed to the success of a project or made your life easier?

They have made our lives easier because every time we’ve had to use their services, we have the peace of mind that there aren’t going to be any problems.