Time working together

10 years, monthly.
About NetBooster

NetBooster is a leading independent European agency in digital performance marketing that makes its comprehensive expertise in digital marketing available to its clients to achieve the best possible performance for their investments. The agency invests in technology and covers the entire chain of online marketing through its European network: search engine optimisation and marketing, data and analytics (DnA), GroundControl Technology, display, affiliation, online media, creation, eCRM and social networks, with a recognised expertise in tomorrow’s digital marketing (Social Media, Video, Ad Exchange, etc.).

How it feels to work with them

We have a special relation with the Netbooster Agency because it is the first European web agency we worked for. In a way, they have taught us what quality standards we should achieve for a global agency and how to offer great client service. Their Spanish team have always surprised us with their incredible dynamism and hard-working nature.

Biggest challenge

Produce a huge amount of SEO content for the leading hotel chain of the world for yesterday :)


Doris Pérez Álvarez,
SEO Director.
What’s it like to work with us?

Working with .txt is like having a team of writers on your own team. For me, they’ve been like an annex to my department thanks to their speed and management capacity.

Is there something we do particularly well?

Content writing for blogs or help sections, tips and tricks, etc., is of the highest quality.

Have we contributed to the success of a project or made your life easier?

TXT has helped us to establish content strategies for many clients within different sectors. The direct contact and the quality of the content they’ve made has brought enormous benefits.