Time working together

6 months

PIBOCO creates lively and playful stories that stimulate children to learn how to read and to go on wild adventures to faraway places, where they can learn new things about others. We develop picture books that open the horizon of the child and introduce the child to the world of art through the finest and award-winning illustrations and stories. We create picture books that teach the child to interpret abstract images and how to grow up in this world. We make the digital world safe and free from advertising.

How it feels to work with them

Biggest challenge

Translating Picturebooks from and to English and French


Olga Alvarez Lenskaya
Production Lead
What’s it like to work with us?

We have been working with the team at TXT for more than half a year, during which we have received great translations of our books into and from French and English.

Is there anything we do particularly well?

We have to say that it is great to have a place that we can trust that our “words” will receive the proper attention needed for a good translation.

Have we contributed to the success of a project or made your life easier?

It has always been easy and fast to communicate with the team at TXT and we look forward to continuing our collaboration.