A hardworking team backstage
to help your performance shine.

Having their own department exclusively dedicated to copywriting and translation in all languages is a luxury few Web Marketing agencies can allow themselves. Yet, here you are: Eureka, you have found us!

.txt provides specific language services for Web Marketing agencies. Thanks to the experience we have gained from each project and an attentive ear to our clients’ needs and feedback, we have acquired valuable SEM knowledge and have designed a customized offer of services in order to bring to your positioning campaigns the specialties we know best: quality copywriting and translation.

Linguistic support for all your SEM activity

Writing and translating content that is easily understood by both humans and search engines is an art we have been practicing for a decade.
SEO Copywriting and Translation

A dedicated PM will collect all your SEO requirements. They will be in charge of producing valuable content, respecting the brand’s voice and your indications at the level of every word, even if the total word count has more than five zeros. Learn more about our copywriting and translation services, methods and fields of specialization.

Keyword Translation

Send us your keyword list and we will localize it into the language and market of your choice. We can follow your precise indications about which tools to use (such as Google Keywords Ad Planner, Moz, Keyword Discovery, SEMRush, Wordtracker, WebRankInfo, Google Suggest, Google Related Searches, Google Trends, etc.), or we can arrange this for you ourselves, using the best tools drawn from our experience with similar campaigns.

Linguistic Consultation

We are always available for any language-related questions you may have, short or long. Half of our copywriters and translators are online on our dedicated Slack communications channel, meaning we have someone instantly available to expertly and reliably answer a question such as: “How would you search for a pair of trousers in Brazil?” For short questions, this service is free for our regular clients. For more in-depth questions or research, you can book a Linguistic Consultation with a native linguist, payable by the hour.

Content Optimisation

We can add keywords to existing content in any language, as well as add elements to improve SEO, such as captions, subheadings, tables, target anchor texts, new URLs, names, etc.

Authority Articles

When your objective is to create content to build authority, creating highly specialized articles is a must. We have specialized copywriters in several fields and languages. Please contact us to see if we have the perfect match for your project. In case we do not have the perfect fit for your requirements, we will recommend a colleague or a freelancer who does.

Dynamic Content Translation

Sometimes you will want to generate a large volume of dynamic content to reduce costs or save time. We can translate the content for you in more than 20 languages, and answer all your questions about grammar, prepositions and syntax in any language.

Keyword Research

For certain languages, you can outsource your Keyword Research to us. We will choose a native translator from our team who is also an SEO specialist.

Latent Semantic Analysis

The challenge of Semantic Keyword Research is to identify what people are really thinking when making an online search query, and this is even more difficult when your target market speaks a different language. We can work together to build a “semantic universe” in order to give a holistic approach to your keywords.

Copywriting, Translation and Optimization of Meta Tags and Metadata

Following your indications, or the standard SEO best practices, we can write, translate or edit the metadata of your new or existing content.

Social Media Content Creation and Transcreation

When you are using the power of social media to increase the ranking of a site, you need a very distinct type of copy. You can count on our writing team, specialized in social media and the creation of original content, which will perfectly position you as a brand leader in your market.

Matrix Translations

Sometimes you will want to generate a large volume of content using a matrix, to reduce costs or save time. We can further translate that matrix for you or answer all your questions about grammar, prepositions and syntax in any language.

Google Ads Copywriting, Translation and Transcreation

Let us help you with the creation or localization of your Google ads. For the main European languages, we can localize your ads with a turnaround time of just 2 hours or less.


  • English – United States | en_US
  • French – Canada | fr_CA
  • Portuguese – Brazil | pt_BR
  • Spanish – Neutral | es
  • Spanish – Latin America | es_419
  • Spanish – Argentina | es_AR
  • Spanish – Chile | es_CL
  • Spanish – Colombia | es_CO
  • Spanish – Costa Rica | es_CR
  • Spanish – Dominican R. | es_DO
  • Spanish – Ecuador | es_EC
  • Spanish – Guatemala | es_GT
  • Spanish – Honduras | es_HN
  • Spanish – Mexico | es_MX
  • Spanish – Nicaragua | es_NI
  • Spanish – Panama | es_PA
  • Spanish – Peru | es_PE
  • Spanish – United States | es_US
  • Bulgarian | bg
  • Catalan | ca
  • Czech | cs
  • Danish | da
  • Dutch – Belgium | nl_BE
  • Dutch – Netherlands | nl_NL
  • English – Ireland | en_IE
  • English – South Africa | en_ZA
  • English – United Kingdom | en_GB
  • Finnish | fi
  • French – France | fr_FR
  • French – Switzerland | fr_CH
  • Galician | gl_ES
  • German – Austria | de_AT
  • German – Germany | de_DE
  • Greek | el
  • Hungarian | hu
  • Icelandic | is
  • Italian | it
  • Norwegian | no
  • Polish | pl
  • Portuguese – Portugal | pt_PT
  • Romanian | ro
  • Slovak | sk
Asia - Middle East
  • Arabic | ar
  • Chinese – China | zh_CN
  • Chinese – Hong Kong | zh_HK
  • Chinese – Singapore | zh_SG
  • Chinese – Taiwan | zh_TW
  • Chinese – Traditional | zh_HANT
  • English – Australia | en_AU
  • Hebrew | iw
  • Hindi – India | hi_IN
  • Indonesian | id
  • Japanese – Japan | ja_JP
  • Korean | ko
  • Malayalam | ml
  • Russian | ru
  • Thai | th
  • Turkish | tr
  • Vietnamese | vi

What we have learned
about you:

You need an agile and hardworking team backstage to help your performance shine.

You want your emails to be answered quickly, with a reply in less than 15 minutes.

You need accurate budgets and the fast production of free samples you can show to your client.

You don’t know with certainty when a project will start, but you need us to be ready as soon as your client gives the green light.

Everything needs to be delivered as soon as possible!

You need a reliable partner that assumes responsibility for every word delivered, and will not hesitate one second to resolve any problem or make any modification needed.

Every project has a different budget, and you expect your provider to be equally flexible in terms of rates.


You have no time to log in or learn how a PM system or the CMS of your copywriting/translation provider works. You need things delivered in a way that saves you time and costs.

You need a team of linguistic experts that can figure things out by themselves, without bothering you with small details and a million questions.

In case of breaking news or emergencies, you need expert support even at late hours or over weekends.

You need a strong and creative team that embraces change, the unknown and new ways of solving problems.

You prefer to work with a provider that is most interested in delivering great content over the long term rather than chasing payments or short-term gains.

Every day, we try to be as empathetic as possible in order to refine and grow this list, and improve the ways we can be truly helpful for you.