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The bridge across the Atlantic

The bridge across the Atlantic

In this article, Federico explores the relationship between two cultures that seem opposed to each other—those of Brazil and Portugal, which at the same time clearly have so much in common (and not only their passion for soccer!). Brimming with admiration for the Portuguese language, Federico tells about oceans, bridges, ports and rendezvous. “This is […]

The multilingual mind

Alessia is a researcher in the field of learning multiple languages, from Italy, multilingual herself, married to a Flemish Belgian and living in France with her two multilingual kids. She invites us into her home to hear the sounds of the many different languages that ring through it every day. She smiles at the joys […]

What does the cow say in Lebanon? – the Arabic language

It is said that “Arabic language is like a beautiful woman who needs no makeup to look as elegant as a swan in the Lebanese Bnachii lake”. In Al-Dhad language, where harmony and beauty are both present in Calligraphy, Semantics and Phonetic Distinction, what on earth do animals say? Salah explains it all. There are […]

Miraculous discovery of Sri Lankan traditional medicine

All adventurous travelers seek to escape their everyday reality and get swept off their feet by the unusual and the exotic—but sometimes it happens in ways they don’t expect. For example, when you’re having a perfect day at the beach and some unknown creature decides to sting your foot, which starts swelling up like a […]

That time I made peace with myself at last—in front of a plate of pasta

For some of us, accepting who we are and where we came from is the struggle of a lifetime. Eddie tells us how learning to make homemade pasta can unexpectedly become a rite of passage—and acceptance. Abruzzo is a strong land. Rugged. Towering. It’s the kind of place you see in those car commercials that […]

Why porous borders give birth to multiple identities

‘Border’ is, without a doubt, one of the defining words of our times. In this article, Giustina shares another vision of what borders could be, seeing them as fascinating windows towards the unknown, and mirrors in which one can see the contradictions on both sides. Most people think of a border as something that closes […]

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