who we are

We are a human-scale global agency
working on ambitious linguistic projects for brands we admire.

where it
all began

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2001

.txt was born 17 years ago, starting out as a Cultural Tourism Consultant in San Telmo, the bohemian neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Passionate about tango, travel, literature and culture, we created valuable, well-researched travel content for small, socially engaged and ethno-tourism projects, as well as for top brands like Sheraton Hotels, Relais and Chateux.

Rome, Italy, 2004

We then crossed the ocean to land in Rome, where we began collaborating with global web agencies and first entered the amazing word of translation and transcreation. We began working with people, projects, and idiosyncrasies from all over the world. Along the way, we also learned that choosing a good restaurant for a meeting is essential for an Italian client, and delivered our first project of more than 500,000 words in Chinese. These were very exciting times for .txt.

Lyon, France, 2010

Events led us to the homeland of Nostradamus and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, from where we still constantly try to reinvent ourselves to surprise our clients and expand our horizons towards even greater adventures in the world of words and cultural diversity. Right now, we are developing a crowdfunding platform to translate sites of high social importance that are currently available in only one language.

what we care about

More Books, Less Face

With the World Wide Web now the number one source of information, people are reading fewer books each year, and their main sources of information are the articles that rank highest in Google’s search results.

As we work for the top web agencies of the world, we are actually writing and translating these articles ourselves, and we are highly conscious of the responsibility that this brings.

Carelessly copy-pasted, meaningless and empty content is to our culture just like pollution is to our environment.

Proud To Be Backstage

Most of us are published writers/translators and artists in our own right. But when we are wearing the .txt hat, we take a spot backstage so our clients can shine in the spotlight. Our job is to make you look great in any language and culture.

In today’s fast-paced world, we know that the lack of time and stress are two of the main obstacles standing in the way of the well-being of people. Our raison d’être (reason to exist) and greatest joy is to save you precious time and give you the peace of mind that every word we deliver is handled with great care, while we do what we love. It’s what we do best.

what we believe


We believe that the ancient trade of writing, beautifying and translating words still has vital importance in our time. No machine can replace the gifted hand of a brilliant writer. No artificial intelligence can replicate the ability of an excellent translator to build bridges between cultures.

In fact, these are mysterious gifts that are acquired over the course of many years, interacting with such intangibles as literature, intuition, travel, shared social rituals, and the Muses.

This fact is the cornerstone of all our recruitment, copywriting, translation and optimization processes: a sense of the unmatchable ability of the inspired human spirit, which we further empower with the enthusiastic adoption of the most efficient and modern technology.